What IS it about
Covent Garden?

All the standard stuff on any of the area sites – including ours – has been said time and time over. Even the variations have become standard and familiar. (well you know how we all love familiarity).

On a blog though, you can be forgiven for originality. This blog is going to be about what's been seen and heard at mobile level.... street level.

After all it is a street site.

The Second American Revolution.

on Sep 06

We present this uTube video because it’s interesting to see the actual numbers in some of these phenomena. Also we love it because it’s beautifully presented.

We are, as the Americans say, ‘right on it’ working in the background to establish our publicity and promotions in strategic social media campaigns.  Can you get more strategic than that?

Tweet this – the covent-garden.co.uk twitter is coventdash meet you down the pub – about to be re-named the ‘Twitter & Blog‘.

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