What IS it about
Covent Garden?

All the standard stuff on any of the area sites – including ours – has been said time and time over. Even the variations have become standard and familiar. (well you know how we all love familiarity).

On a blog though, you can be forgiven for originality. This blog is going to be about what's been seen and heard at mobile level.... street level.

After all it is a street site.

The BBC Covent Garden Documentary

on Sep 15

Top Class Documentary on Covent Garden

tempCGblog2Covent Garden was the turning point away from the famously reckless bulldozing of the town planners, and towards taking guidance from the not so bewildered herd – we the people.

When Londoners get angry enough to act – thingstempCGblog3 happen.  So yes  they saved Covent Garden.

This left the way open for people like Ray Green to go one step further in preserving a corner of the Piazza for the people by saving the Jubilee Hall.

delivering cabbages

With protest and entertainment – the message spread wide.

Years of  song and dance finally won the day and has made profit whipped planners more caring – or at least more careful.  However keep watching they still make ‘oops’ mistakes.pub songs raise awareness

The debacle of the 1745 Middlesex Hospital is a case in point. It was destroyed wantonly in 2008 – save the chapel which stands in the middle of the vast building site. What was it destroyed FOR? Dunno yet – there are no plans !! (could we the peeps have a say againanyone?)

The Beeb broadcast the documentary that’s worth a watch. Good  information, superb editing, British humour – the lot.  The programme was aired on the 14th of September and November announced available until 20th – Well that’s one missed programme – we have made enquiries if it available on DVD to buy.

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