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All the standard stuff on any of the area sites – including ours – has been said time and time over. Even the variations have become standard and familiar. (well you know how we all love familiarity).

On a blog though, you can be forgiven for originality. This blog is going to be about what's been seen and heard at mobile level.... street level.

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Long Live Old Fashioned Inches to the Mile

on Sep 20

The secret of a good walking map – especially a town centre (usually the oldest part) is the scale. Large scale works. Small scale maps simply cannot include the detail required.

OrdnanceSurveyThmb1A familiar measurement to the mature among us (and that includes the writer) is ‘miles to the inch‘. Known as 1″ . One inch on Ordnance Survey maps this represents  fine detail. Their 2.5 inch has even more glorious detail. Both kind of maps get framed and on the walls of many a household.

The above thumb impression is actually part of a 1″ West Scotland Isles. The charm is in  colours that depict the height of the mountain.  All types of details are highly valued in large scale mapping because it helps the reader to recognise what is on the ground where they are walking or cycling.

Motorists move too fast to worry about landmarks – especially in the urban areas where it’s hard to describe a building. Large scale maps are for Walks, Walls and now for Web with the map on Covent-garden.co.uk.

Old Stoke Newington

This urban large scale map of Stoke Newington (as it’s now called) was one of the Ordnance Survey’s most detailed and beautiful large scale maps of yesteryear.

With the face of towns changing every year, keeping this kind of detail is expensive and is only practical in areas where no other map will do to cover the multiple small streets, lanes and alleyways in a heavily visited part of a town or city.

Old town centres are the only places that can afford the large scale detail needed for tourists to locate themselves and their destination quickly and easily.

This map is about 8 inches to the mile.

The area is a couple of districts north of the main London 3D map on our site (just so you know). The locality is getting smarter all the time and as their pride is rising they may get their own walking 3D map soon enough.

Silvermaze Ltd who drew our map are getting very busy as they are being approached by town centre managers who take a special pride in their town for a map of their own.  I have talked to the town planner in Croyden who is seeing how it helps the visitors and their retailers as well.

People can see their way around – and spend less time being lost and more time in shops and restaurants, parks and places of interest they didn’t even know existed before.

Our Web map is approximately 12 inches to the mile. (appx because it depends on the size and resolution of your screen).  Our Theatreland 3D printed map is 15 inches to the mile – so beautifully profuse in detail and fit for any wall. (dentists and specialist doctors receptionists love them – it keeps patients patient).

By the way we use the theatreland map appropriately to help people find a show, find the theatre and book decent tickets really fast. Good summations with growing readership and no ads to distract choosing process.

(Re: theaterland print map You can buy one here.)

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