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Like Music? (silly question) Like Guitars? not so silly.

on Oct 04


When you think of the greatest musical instrument of all, the one that inspires most people to actually play – maybe the piano – but no – definitely it’s the guitar that takes on all the other instruments we love in the modern DNA pool these days. In children, air guitar skills arrive ever earlier – even in infancy.

And when you get your hands on the real thing , the guitar that

is, it is a big day. Dig into the science of it if you will,  Bruce Lipton explains the Biology of Perception – http://www.in.com/videos/watchvideo-bruce-lipton-biology-of-perception-1-9629439.html If you watch all the parts you can get a real handle on what experience is made of.  He also continues to explain the Science of Life is all about community awareness – communication being Life itself.

Once we know what we are and where we came from – still  the question arises – ‘So why do an awesome lot of us want to have a guitar?’

old mandoin by Fionn

Rare old mandolin

They have production lines making all varieties and many a master craftsman labours day and night to makethe best ones. Whether they are a bazouki, banjo or sitar,  When the player makes them rock we’ll call them a guitar just for now.

Guitars have character – they are personalities. You can talk to like a friend. They are a means to communicate a vast array of amazing messages and signals and stimuli. Every one of them is capable of sending ideas across space to a receiving point.  Just think of all those antennae on every cell in your body simply picking up that rock and roll and ordering up some serotonin for the occasion, because that’s what the dna says is ‘good for survivalunder the circumstances’. In order to resonate, get some feel-good factor (whatever positively charged protein that may be) flowing.

Firstly – it’s feeling good – playing that instrument or looking at it on the wall and it’s memorabilia with a hefty tag on it. Baby blue ’67 Strat.  Next- you have more chance of attracting a mate. It’s quite clear scientifically speaking.

corner of Vintage & Rare Guitars

corner- Vintage & Rare

So exactly how does a guitar accumulate a feel good factor? Quality?  Sure. Even a cheapo is a good looker – or can be.  The wood’s nice.  Magic stuff wood, catching the light and making the guitar shine.  But it’s in the way it sings to you – Good guitar dudes string them so they do communicate the pure note and resonances. They say that beeswax improves the tone and there’s scarcely a guitar around that hasn’t been lovingly waxed.

There’s another thing that’s becoming factual – the vibe of previous owners can be carried over.  Is this one a stray puppy looking for a home? or will it be a proud companion for many future travels? The history is a part of the guitar – however the more it’s played the stronger the bond, as the guitar becomes your very own.

Not leaving just yet

Vintage & Rare Guitars - Denmark Street

When that happens having to par

t with it could be like selling a sister or brother for cash ‘cos you’re broke.  Whenever you buy a guitar, someone else may have had a wrench letting go.

So there you are warming up to wanting a guitar and thinking you are tone deaf. Chances are that’s an old belief you got stuck with. To complete the process all you have to do is to get rid of your basic childhood beliefs.

Vintage & Rare Guitars - Denmark Street

(yeah right – call Freud Sig.). Actually frontier science says that’s easy and quick and ‘expensive’ does not even figure. (check Morty Lefkoe and Rob williams psych-k – different solutions to erase beliefs for good), tone deaf simply means not good enough or it’s ‘too hard’ which are the beliefs that run the non player.  ‘Non player’ perception can lead inevitably to apathy and we all know what THAT does.


Fionn - NY 2008

You Want to Play

So you check the Web – too shy to walk into the best shop in town. What’s to say?  Ohmygod there’s millions of them out there along with much debate.  Better check Mojo and the Rolling Stone.

Hold up – start listening. Heard Segovia? Heard Django? Heard Beck ?Or heard MTV? They sure are inspiring if you are completely clear of envy  – however it’s not about all the pzazz – the show.

Remember it is about communicating – or wanting to with a friend.  It’s a ‘just do it’ situation. Guitars hold their price and are a more stable currency than paper money so you’ll easily justify putting the savings into safer hands than banks.

Vintage & Rare Guitars - Denmark Street

Vintage & Rare Guitars - Denmark Street

There’s no ‘how to’ on instrument investment but here’s a tip anyway. Make sure that the buyer or seller LOVES guitars. You can get a feel straight away.  If they don’t love them they don’t know them – it’s as simple as that.

And you? Do you love guitars? That’s like saying ‘Do you love women?”actually you just want to fall in love with one. Which one ? – when you see it, your heart will tell you to answer it’s call.

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