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This site is without
 denominational or  political borders.  For families of all ages.

Backstage is about another side to the street -
action and art that happens in real life. Street life has  a way of it's own -  alway has - from times we don't remember very well.

As well as our news and views from a friendly viewpoint we have a mission
Help homeless to get homes & work they like to do.

The scene at the centre of London has glitz and buzz.
But wait - what are all those homeless people doing here ? sleeping rough, selling the Big issue and just
begging ? Clearly they gravitate to a place where spare change is more readily given to them.

Behind the scenes are projects and human stories - about who's doing what about the homeless issue, including government agencies and local businesses.
More to the point what are the homeless able to do
for themselves? - not a lot - this is perceived as a problem for social workers.

Nowadays - you can't always tell a character from the shoes. Are appearances everything? They are if you are looking for work.

"They tell you to go and get a job – but you got to get an address and phone and shoes before even thinking about it.  My mate got that far - he has a wife and and a little boy - then he spent a week digging concrete in a basement and laying rockwool in a loft and ended up with a bad cough and less money than people give him before"

"To get a job you gotta want a job. Look at me - who's going to give me a job?"

There is plenty of work available in the 'Homelessness Sector' but people don't advertise jobs for homeless.

    Finding a job in the first 'Great Depression'

These guys really wanted work - any job was better than the stress and boredom and the bread line.

Internet Café in Covent Garden
Photo by Robert Holden

This could be where to find a job - where do you begin?  Anyone up for showing a couple of fellas the ropes? It's easier when you know how.

See the FAQ for details of the competition.
Have a go - cool prizes coming soon to start it off.

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How do people get to be homeless? One Big issue
vendor I spoke to had a house, a job and a family. 
Heost his job because he was redundant in a firm that
could not afford the wages any more.  He lost his
house soon after that - his wife and daughter are living
with her mum in Scotland. He collects enough for
hostel and eats free sandwiches - mostly from Pret
and he saves as well.  by the end of the year he
hopes to have a flat.  Even so at the hostel he hears
all the worst news - like how long some other families
have been waiting. He doesn't drink, smoke - keeps
clean keeps smiling. Why can't he get a job?.

"If I spend time looking that's a day, if I get an
interview that's another day and travel. Just try and it
costs you. One man asked me why have you been
out of work so long? - what do you say to that?"

 Phone box with Internet access
finding a job from the street in the Great Now depression -
(we re-typed the handwritten ad for clarity)

"Yeah - nice never tried it. No time - it's full on  getting
enough for basics. People spend for ever in there"

Excuse me - Sir or Madam
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in some lovely postcards
of the Great 3D Map??

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Section on new Silvermaze 3D map
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