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The Kindness Wave

Hello to all the readers of this page. We are witnessing a wave - a veritable tsunami in the ethers of kindness.

These twins were born early and placed in separate incubators. Only one was doing well. The nurse put the lively baby in with the poorly one. When she did her rounds this is what she saw. They both lived.

There will be many who can instantly recall a loving feeling of kindness - either receiving or rendering a kindly act. Even encountering kindness makes us feel good. Like those gentle moments in all the great performances of human drama
and intelligence.

It felt strange last year to have a whole section under the word 'kindness'. It is however the pivotal point around which our mission revolves. Our mission is to correct the balance between the traditionally cruel overlord and the traditionally downtrodden poor.

As different as it is in many parts of the world - what we are concentrating here on the area covered by our central London large scale 3D diagrammatic map - the starting point indeed for being able to make a difference that can be seen.



This is the place we choose to make a difference to men and women and children. On this map are people from all over the world.

There are natives to the area who have lived here all their lives - some for generations - others pass through to draw life from the buzz. There are traders, artisans, business people. There are children and grown-ups, religious dignitaries and worshippers, mariners and landlubbers. There are the just and the unjust, wanderers and hostelries, there are entertainers and artists. Some of the richest people in the world are here and there are the homeless.

There is nowhere in the world - no other city has the long tradition - well at least a couple of millennia - of every kind of man and woman living and working together. All other cities are wannabes - London is the place to make a difference.

How on earth?

antsAnts carry food back to their fungus farm dining halls
and rotate them to allow them to grow. That's how.

And - how in heaven's name can we do this?

Everybody knows. Every spokesman for the people, every religious leader has said how. It is written in every holy scripture, it is written into every constitution, it underlies every revolution. Everybody knows. It is being put forward as a major reason humans survived several near extinctions, ice ages, massive deluges, volcanic eruptions and nuclear war.

So what is is that everybody knows? Yes it's feeling kindness - feeling in both giving and receiving.

Jimmy Wales

We all feel grateful to Wikipedia for instance . Looking at Jimmy Wales's kindly face it is a kind thing to do to donate to his small team who are struggling to give us this amazing site.
It's going to feel good.


Let us pause and point out some random examples from history.

An ancient skeleton was found with limbs missing that had been missing for many years. This man had been useless to the family in hunting or farming, yet he had clearly been nurtured into old age. Who knows ? - maybe he had saved the tribe - or led it with his vision or maybe he fathered healthy children. it is one of many examples of humans
looking after each other.

The ruthless Genghis Khan, rose to power by sharing the spoils of conquest with his men. At that time this was an innovation. Even the cruel British Navy shared the prizes of their official piracy with their sailors - hence the loyalty of sailors
otherwise inhumanely treated.

This may sound strange nowadays as a sort of kindness - however the stormy evolution of men and women through the ages has shown unequivocally how being generous is better than the practice of scorched earth destruction as a sustainable a way of life allowing the peaceful rise to civilisation
through the collaboration of
men and women together.

The crusades and inquisitions of Europe will forever be a bloodstain on the historical copybook while the Shah in a more civilised country was creating instead of destroying - resulting in edifices like the Taj Mahal. It has recently been discovered that the Great pyramids were built by the choice of free men -in fact by the finest strongest men in the land. Furthermore they were cared for like royalty. The Victorian image of slave drivers whipping slaves was a further indication of their heartless attitude that led to the French Revolution, Hitler and Stalin and being copied in Nigeria today - as a legacy of
British colonialism?


Within the last couple of years more scientific studies have shown that kindness is actually beneficial to health. This is hardly an airy fairy new age theory (based on ancient wisdom - oh no) This a serious scientific study - I quote Harun Rabani

"Isnít it amazing how easy it is to grab someoneís attention when scientific evidence confirms what ancient wisdom has been teaching
for thousands of years?

This is whatís exactly whatís happening with the brand new scientific evidence of how kindness, compassion and gratitude impact your mental and emotional health and how it can make you happy. This body of work is being brought to the forefront by scientist, Dr David Hamilton, author of
"Why Kindness is Good for You"


It is quite a long chat so here is a taster - we humans create a chemical when we are in receipt of and giving kindness. It's free - however you can buy it on the internet and big corporates have been known (it's rumoured) to spray it in the boardroom
before meetings.

Of course it would be easier to hug each other before meetings Italian style - maybe in a
few years who knows?

Back to kindness on the map. This an area that is owned in large part by land owners and land agents - namely Shaftesbury, King Sturge and the latest big boy on the block - Capital and Counties. These people do not have kindness on their agenda as yet. They force up the rents and say it "refreshes" the tenancies for big firms like M&S and Starbucks who circle as eagles, waiting for the small traders to collapse in the recession.

Then they can occupy the shops that have previously been the quarters of traditional family companies and charming boutiques. The local authorities too impose such outrageous rates it beggars belief as well as the traders. They also charge so much for parking that it hurts the small shops more. During the next few years we will demonstrate to them that greed is not a sustainable way of life.

The time has come for kindness because (wait for it) it MAKES MORE BUSINESS SENSE. Kindness is the answer blowing in the wind Westminster and Camden.

As well as attracting kindness to the area we are going to be attracting business to some of the small shops that need help against the old order of profit hungry landlords. If they won't help their small tenants through these hard times - we will and funnily enough - so will the homeless themselves.

They say 'what comes around (in the way of kindness) goes around and here this old adage can be demonstrated.

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