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Once Upon a Time

In days of yore - it's widely held, alongside Darwin's Evolution and Myths
and stones and fossils and the Bible's ancient Wisdom – there were many major earth changes and cataclysms that caused near extinctions. Theories are exploding and all are interesting.

Imagine a surviving family of humans - whatever shape or form, wandering from one place to another in search of food. When they found another one lonely wanderer - they welcomed in fresh blood. and grew with collaboration and a good team spirit.  Many indigenous peoples exist that way to this day.

Imagine their stories as they chattered amongst one another leaving their fearsome pasts behind them on camaraderie and getting on with bringing up their families.  The mammoth that got away ...that old chessnut.

Back to the centre of London though......

THE ROYAL BOX - very short story - 

One day as I was taking some snaps around the street I overheard a discussion that I will paraphrase for tactful reasons.

The Royal loo?

Jan was waiting outside a concrete box that had a huge coat of arms on three sides and an in rather a hurry for the toilet !international 'sign' depicting a man and a women with their hands over their private parts and the woman had her legs crossed.  An old lady approached on a crutch and waited alongside Jan. After a while Jan went and beat violently on the door and shouted

"come out I gotta go in - I'm ill."  She then stood back and in a short while the door slid open and Kate was standing in the box looking very cross.  The first thing she saw was the old lady waiting.  She let loose.....

"Some old bird - you WHAT! You ill? Obble off to the Otell - I am right in the middle". As she disappeared back inside Jan came back from behind a piller.

"Oh" she said. The old lady was silent.  In fact she was concealing a giggle and being polite, Jan on the other hand lost it entirely. She pounded even harder and delivered a directive - spiced with invective.  The old lady was on her way to said hotel - not hobbling with a little smile on her face .

A Big issue vendor came by at speed.

"YOU looking for an ASBO or what - shut up ... Jan.... Jan" he was aghast at her eager reply while Kate was giving it some.

"Look she  just opened up to get another session free right? and I need to go".

"Kate open up" he said "one more incident and they'll close these things down" The girls shuffled off and the big Issue Vendor took the next turn.

True story.  The next time I went by .... loo lock-out.

Yes they actually closed them 'because of people leaving them dirty'. These little royal boxes are cleaned and sprayed and all by machine and the clean machine team.

Are the machines complaining now?  I wonder. The 3 royal-ish crowns of approval are saying 'we are not amused' times 3.

The moral of this story? here again - I wonder.
The coat of arms is certainly not the Queen  because there is no unicorn there....
This box is in Mayfair Place - if it's still closed when you get there - It's not the Queen's fault - just email the feedback to
Westminster City Council

More stories - all true to follow -
with recordings and videos in due course

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