The Tea House
020 7240 7539

15a Neal Street
Covent Garden, London
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The Tea House

The Tea House
Everything associated with tea

This shop is all about tea - with a difference.

It sells tea - rather than cups of tea..

Boasting more than 70 quality teas and tisanes imported, roasted and blended to original recipes with the Christina Smith touch.

The list is long - and includes whole-fruit blends, the best tea of China (Gunpowder, jasmine with flowers) India (Assam leaf choice Darjeeling), Japan (Genmaicha green), and Sri Lanka (pure Ceylon) plus such longtime favorite English blended teas as Earl Grey and Earl Grey citrus (often known as Lady Grey.

The shop also offers fun teapots and mugs, among other items and 'tea-phernalia'. Any tea enthusiast will find themselves in their own kind of paradise here, as the shop also boasts great prices!

The health benefits of tea are now well known.  The fresher the better for the maximum advantage and here the authentic Tea House in the real Covent Garden (not the market in Ontario US) wins over them all**.

The shop has the aroma of fresh leaves with the full impact of what is known as the Tea Rush.

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Mail order can be arranged at

020 7240 7539

Please fax your order to

020 7836 4769

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