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Apollo Theatre
Shaftesbury Avenue W1V 7HD
The Country Girl
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Show Details
Preview 6th Oct 10
Opens 11th Oct 10
Closes 26th Feb 11
Show Times
Monday - Saturday 7.45 pm
Matinée Thurs & Sat 3.00 pm

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"...last night it knocked me for six with its emotional truth and extraordinarily powerful depiction of the devastation caused by alcoholism".
Charles Spencer - Telegraph

This play is a brilliant tragedy - (referred to as a backstage tragedy) and one that affects anybody who is an addict or loves one. It has a lot to teach on a subject about which we have a lot to learn as a society - or even a civilisation.

Jenny Seagrave & Martin ShawIt is set in 50's America and has been staged in the West End before as 'Winter Journey' and made into a movie with Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly which received several Oscars. This play, beautifully cast, directed and staged also boasts the big names Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrave who play the part of this enduring tragedy that has not, in itself, changed for hundreds of years. Drink & drunks....


The play is powerfully authentic - the lengthy talk and chewing over the endless problems - all dependent on each other - slows the pace of the play at the beginning which is too much for some of the critics.  In real life nothing much happens in an addict's life either since the elixir of choice inevitably depletes energy and drags on time much more than it returns,  in the odd flashes of brilliance, charisma or genuine emotion.  The acting got high praise from reviewers and even higher ratings from an audience many of whom return to see it again.

The drama that is forever waiting to happen in any true to life alcoholic debacle, explodes at the end with the players depicting it with emotion and understanding.

The Story

Martin Shaw - Country GirlA hotshot director, knowing less than he should about the permanent lie that is alcoholism, learns more when he takes a famous name to play the lead part in his new production. That he is a lush is known however the addiction to it and the drunks' way of life becomes clear to him as the play progresses. He gets involved in a relationship with his potential star's wife in his desperation to believes she is the cause of all the man's problems. 

Will Frank make a comeback or does his future lie behind him?


  • Martin Shaw - Frank Elgin
  • Jenny Seagrove - Georgie
  • Mark Letheren - Benrie Dodd
  • Peter Harding - stage manager
  • Nicolas Day
  • Thomasin Rind
  • Luke Shaw

  • Director - Rufus Norris
  • Designer - Scott Pask / Jonathan Lipman
  • Lighting - Mark Howett
  • Author - Clifford Odets
  • Producer - Bill Kenwright

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