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Mrs Warren's Profession
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Preview 16th Mar 10
Opens 25th Mar 10
Closes 19th Jun 10
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Mon - Sat 7.30 pm
Matinée Weds & Sat 2.30 pm

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George Bernard Shaw wrote this witty and provoking play - a hundred and seventeen years ago when the hypocrasy of Victorian England disallowed discussion of prostitutes. He wrote it - I quote:

"to draw attention to the truth that prostitution is caused, not by female depravity and male licentiousness, but simply by underpaying, undervaluing, and overworking women so shamefully that the poorest of them are forced to resort to prostitution to keep body and soul together."

The play was first performed after Mrs Warren 1Queen Victoria died in 1902 however it was banned by the Lord Chamberlain because of portrayal of prostitution. Even in America when it played in New York in 1905 the police arrested the entire cast and theatre manager. It was a contraversial. social statement then - and even now it still is because it cheerfully shines a light on a subject that is still under wraps in decent society. There is still such a stigma on the word prostitution that it is politically correct to call people in 'the oldest profession' sex workers. Shaw was, perhaps ahead of his time in openly declaring that women who married for money or status were no better than prostitutes.

The play itself does not dwell unduly preach this gospel - that is left to the charachterisation. Not until women were relieved of the status of 'chattel' during the first world war during which the country was grateful enough for their efforts, did the play finally get performed in the roaring twenties.

Mrs Warren 2

The Story
Vivie, was a strong willed young lady who was educated having achieved honours in mathematics at Newnham College Cambridge. Though no blue stocking She determined to proceed to a career in the law. Having been boarded out all her life she scarcely knew her mother who had been keeping her in style with plenty of money. The story starts with her mother introducing her to two of her friends who realise that she is unaware of her mother's profession. Her mother is stylishly dressed - if not overdressed, in a fancy hat and blousey gown.

Mrs Warren 3Mrs Warren owns and runs establishments, she herself being the notorious madame of several high class brothels frequented by the nobility. When Vivie and her mother become better acquainted she becomes aware of the fact that her mother is a prostitute - albeit high class. Sparks fly.

Vivie's ambition to be a lawyer, with her mother a prostitute - well it would simply not happen. Nor would her Newham chums be happy about it. Though thoroughly moderen beside the likes of Jane Austin, her mother was, in the eyes of the law, well out of order. Mrs Warren was unaware of her daughter's predilection for the law. There's also the morality issue of living off immoral earnings.

The plot unfolds as the players portray the characters with skill and finesse befitting this terrific play. Though Shaw was very precise in his casting notes Felicity Kendal and Lucy Briggs-Owen have brought their own characters to enrich the parts even more.

Shaw said
"Ah, when I wrote that, I had some nerve."

Mrs Warren 4

A classic in every respect and in it's own right, it is a play you won't want to have missed. Here again it's worth getting a good seat when you book.


•  Felicity Kendal - Mrs Kitty Warren
•  Mark Tandy - Praed
•  David Yelland - Crofts
•  Lucy Briggs-Owen - Vivie
•  Eric Carte - Reverand Samuel Gardner
•  Max Bennett - Frank

•  George Bernard Shaw - Author
•  Michael Rudman - Director

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