J B Priestly
Garrick Theatre
Charing Cross Road WC2H 0HH
When We Are Married
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Show Details
Preview 19th Oct 10
Opens 27th Oct10
Bookling to 26th Feb 11
Show Times
Monday - Saturday 7.30 pm
Matinée Tues & Sat 2.30 pm

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When we are married

When we are marriedWhen we are married

When we are married


JB Priestley's plays are known When we are married for their cutting socialist approach to politics and money and he didn't like the British Army much either. He achieved a popularity rating too high for the government's comfort."Get that man off the air'.

Priestly turned to the stage with a more limited audience but where the truth is tolerated. He wrote wrote some great plays as well as enduring comedy. Truth is really very funny from the right pen.  In this case plenty of 'hone truths' "When we Are married" was written 70 years ago about pre 2nd World War middle class society. I was described as a farcical comedy and had lots of scope for the players to express Priestly's views through his truly brilliant writing.

When we are marriedWith such a large number of well known players it draws in the TV audiences as well as those who have seen it many times in repertory and who enjoy it again and again.  The 'Yorkshire' comes through delightfully - and not only in the accent. Yorkshire is an English Icon for humour - you'd only have to say it in Yorkshire to get a laugh in the pub. However this play is so above that it almost shows off - from the set to the costume to the sensitive direction to the actors of course.

Also funny is the general selection of quotes from the press.
(What was that they said about who reads what papers in Yes Prime Minister?)

A real marriage of classic material and comic skill. 
The Times

Great comic style.
Daily Express 

Witty expose of the worthies.
Daily Telegraph 

The Story

When we are marriedThree men and three women celebrate their silver wedding while being made suddenly aware that they have actually been living in sin all these years.

How they respond (or react) to the news depends on their real feelings behind the respectability and worry about other people's opinions. Will they cover it up or run for the door?

Cast List

  • Rosemary Ashe  - Lottie Grady
  • Lynda Baron  - Mrs Northrop
  • Susie Blake  - Maria Helliwell
  • Michele Dotrice - Annie Parker
  • David Horovitch  - Joseph Helliwell
  • Roy Hudd  - Henry Ormonroyd
  • Sam Kelly  - Herbert Soppitt
  • Maureen Lipman - Clara Soppitt
  • Simon Rouse - Albert PArker
  • Laura Haddock - Nancy
  • Vicent Brimble - Rev Clement Mercer
  • Jodie McNee - Ruby Birtle
  • Peter Sandys-Clarke - Gerard Forbes
  • Tom Shaw - Fred Dyson


  • Director, Christopher Luscombe
  • Stage Design, Simon Higlett
  • Lighting, Mark Henderson
  • Sound, Jason Barnes
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