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Garrick Theatre
Charing Cross Road WC2H 0HH
Zorro The Musical
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Show Details
Preview 30th June 08
Opens 15th July 08
Booking to 10th Jan 09
Show Times
Monday - Saturday 7.30 pm
Matinée Thurs & Sat 3.00 pm
No Thursday matinée after 15th July

Local Info
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Beotys (Greek & Trad English)
79 St Martin's Lane
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Mon Plaisir (French)
21 Monmouth Street
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Browns (British & European)
82 St Martin's Lane
020 7497 5050

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Zorro is a proper hero.  There's something rather refreshing about the Zorro story. Sure it's as old as the hills to have a hero swashbuckling in the defence of justice and protection of the brutalised common people. (And they were brutalised in a more overt way than we civilian common men and women in societies today). Zorro brings back the romance, the nostalgia of good heart, love and kindness  in contrast to the cruel invincible toughies masquerading in Hollywood as 'heros' at the turn of this century.

The Story
Zorro was modlled on a real life legendary crusader of justice - a masked Spanish hero by Johnston McCulley in 1919 and has claimed fame from the pages of comics, films - soon to be featured as a Nintendo game. His acrobatics brought him the reputation of the invincibility of magic.

Isabel Allende wrote the novel  / play in 2005 curious (to quote herself) why Diego de la Vega, a wealthy caballero would bother with justice for padres and indians.  As she wrote she must have understood the connection between the romance of restoring justice and secrets and sword fights. He wore a mask to avoid personal glory.  In 1919 when he was first created justice and freedom were issues that needed fighting action. Zorro the musical, with inspiration from the Gypsy Kings, and Raphael Amatrgo's brilliant flamenco may again link justice with romance in modern times despite their apparent absence from corporate politics today.

There will be a cast of about 30 including world class Flemenco dancers  (from far....Diego - Matt Rawle • Inez - Lesli MargheritaAdam Levy, Nick Cavaliere, Jonathan Newth.   Further casting to be confirmed

Director - Christopher Renshaw  • Music - the Gypsy Kings • Sound - Mick Potter
Design - Tom Piper  • Lighting –  Ben Ormerod •  Musical supervisor - Mike Dixon • Fight director - Terry King.

Leading musical stars, in combination with the Gypsy Kings and Raphael Amatrgo – probably today's most exciting and celebrated Flemenco dancer is a winning combination into which many millions of pounds have been poured. The choreography is a spectacle in itself.
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