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Peneople Kieth in the Rivals
Haymarket Theatre
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The Rivals
Telephone Bookings - Call The Box Office 0845 481 1870
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Show Details
Preview 10th Nov 10
Opens 23rd Nov 10
Booking to 26th Feb 11
Show Times
Monday - Saturday 7.30 pm
Matinée Thurday & Saturday 2.30 pm

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The Theatre Royal Haymarket

The Theatre Royal Haymarket first opened in 1720 and moved down the road (in Haymarket) in 1821 was designed by the impeccable John Nash. It has been the scene of outstanding innovations in
theatrical presentation throughout it's long history.

Sweet Charity

Currently running Sweet Charity of 'Big Spender' fame for a few more days (book now) with Tamzin Outhwaite, it will switch dramatically to Sheridan's famous comedy 'The Rivals' a play set in 1775 Bath from November 10th.



The Rivals

The Rivals

This classic comedy has a strictly limited season so early booking can get you a seat.

The Theatre Royal in Bath originally opened with 'The Rivals' at which time the audience were looking back nearly 50 years possibly with the same nostalgia with which we now view the swinging 60's. After a multi million pound refurbishment in the Bath Theatre Royal, it re-opened with 'The Rivals' again to resounding accolades. Is extremely funny especially with universally loved Penelope Keith as Mrs Malaprop and the ever debonair Peter Bowles as Sir Anthony Absolute.

For those who have never seen 'To the Manor Born' on the TV, or even (gasp) those who don't have a telly - Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles co-starred for this longest running much loved comedy lightening the lives of millions. Now together on stage they bring new life to this enduring classic.

With the brilliant casting of famous and seasoned professionals the only drawback is the limited run planned. Many people will miss what is highly likely to go down as a 'best yet' performance. Everything about this show says "See it before you miss it" you'll be sorry if you didn't. It is funny, historical and even educational. Mrs Malaprop added a new word to the English language. It is the very pineapple of comedy.

The Story

A 'Society' set of rich, titled and very flamboyantly dressed players convened to take the waters in the city of Bath.
The occasion also provided many opportunities to meet suitable members of the opposite sex for romance and more.
The characters and their servants romp through the day with British innuendo at it's best.

"...while also capturing its sheer joie-de-vivre."
Charles Spencer of the Telegraph

The RivalsThe play was dubbed afarce because it played on the class system through their cheerful and somewhat typical antics. It is not without heartfelt acting and poignant moments - superbly directed and meaningful.

"The theatre is the only place that tells the truth.”
Sir Peter Hall


  • Penelope Keith - Mrs Malaprop
  • Robin Addison - Lydia Languish
  • Peter Bowles - Sir Anthony Absolute
  • Tam Williams -  Captain Jack Absolute
  • Gerard Murphy - Sir Lucius O’Trigger
  • Keiron Self - Bob Acres
  • Tony Gardner  - Faulkland
  • Ian Conningham - Fag
  • Carlyss Peer - Lucy
  • Martin Bishop - Thomas

  • Author - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  • Director - Sir Peter Hall
  • Associate Director -  Cordelia Monsey
  • Stage Design - Simon Higlett
  • Costume  - Christopher Woods
  • Lighting - Jason Taylor
  • Sound - Greg Clarke
  • Composer - Mick Sands
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