Paris Opera

Her Majesty's Theatre

Haymarket SW1Y 4QL

The Phantom of the Opera

Her Majestys Theatre 3D location mapMap ©Silvermaze Ltd 2008 Her Majestys Theatre photoPhoto ©Tony Reading 2008

Show Details

Preview 9th Oct 86
Opens 9th Oct 86
Booking to 14th Oct 17

Show Times

Mon - Sat 7.30 pm
Matinée Thurs & Sat 2.30 pm
Length of show - 2hrs 30mins

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A classic viewing of all the Theatreland play houses by night. The authentic commentary, by Ben Shafik - a player himself - gives an authentic feel to the West End's theatres - and is backed by real music.
Next version will be more upbeat as, suggested, to celebrate Britannia's unbeatable heritage.
(Over 6000 viewings and all good reviews to date).
Let us know what you think.

A note from the author

I took these pictures to show off London theatres as they are seen -most often - by theatre goers, at night.

Thanks to Ben Shafik for his lighthearted and informative commentary and Fionn O'Lochlainn for the original music.

Watch out for the new version with current liveries and the names of the theatres as they appear.




Gaston Leroux, a French writer became an investigative journalist in the late nineteenth century exposing much police corruption in France. He was a fan of Conan Doyle and Edgar Allen Poe and In 1911 he published a mystery thriller of his own - the Phantom of the Opera. written about Paris' great Opera House. It achieved a lukewarm reception in his lifetime.

As a record run of 25 years this production has had much lavished upon it in sets and costumes. It closed down for 4 performances as Andrew Lloyd Weber noticed the superb sound of many of the world wide productions. he wanted the best. It is said to have cost them a further investment of nearly half a million to install (including forgoing the booking of four performances). The sound effects (as are many of the other effects) are stunning.

The story is a gothic mystery that revolves around the grip of a mysterious and elusive character the “Opera ghost” that lives and hides in the vast cellars of the Paris Opera House. He has been disfigured so his appearance is all the more mysterious as he wears a mask to conceal his frightening face. He falls in love with a chorus girl and teaches her how to sing. He makes demands to advance her career by blackmailing the Opera House with threats of horrible deeds.

CAST (plus supporting cast)

  • Ben Forster - The Phantom
  • Celinde Schoenmaker - Christine
  • Nadim Naaman - Raou
  • Siôn Lloyd - Monsieur Firmi
  • Mark Oxtoby - Monsieur Andre
  • Paul Ettore Tabone - Piangi
  • Daisy Hulbert - Meg
  • Lara Martins - Carlotta
  • Jacinta Mulcahy - Madame Giry
  • Harriet Jones - alternate Christine Daaé
  • Matt Blaker
  • Bridget Costello
  • Maria Coyne
  • Scott Davies
  • Hadrian Delacey
  • Morven Douglas
  • Lyndsey Gardiner
  • Lori Gilchrist
  • Ryan Goscinski
  • Philip Griffiths
  • Hettie Hobbs
  • Lily Howes
  • Daisy Hulbert
  • Ellen Jackson
  • Harriet Jones
  • Richard Kent
  • Tim Laurenti
  • Adam Robert Lewis
  • Lara Martins
  • Luke McCall
  • Leo Miles
  • Fiona Morley
  • Tim Morgan
  • Paul Morrissey
  • Jacinta Mulcahy
  • Danielle Pullum
  • James Roxby-Brown
  • Tom Sterling
  • Joanna Strand
  • Paul Ettore Tabone
  • Claire Tilling
  • Charlotte Vaughan
  • Victoria Ward
  • Georgia Ware

  • Director - Harold Prince
  • Songs by - Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Charles Hart
  • Lighting - Andrew Bridge
  • Sound - Mick Potter
  • Design - Maria Björnson
  • Choreography - Gillian Lynne
  • Costume - Maria Björnson
  • Producer - Cameron Mackintosh / Really Useful Company

A lush spectacle - in every sense.
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