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New London Theatre
Drury Lane WC2B 5PW
Gone With the Wind
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Monday - Saturday
Matinée Weds & Sat

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Gone with the Wind was originally written as a novel which won a Pulitzer Prize. It tells the epic of the passionate love story of Scarlett O’Hara. Her unpredictable relationship with Rhett Butler  proves irresistible through the chaotic years of the Civil War.  Scarlett experiences ecstasy,  tragedy and grief over the ten years span of the action.  A large number of characters and many twists and turns of the plot take the play time over three hours long.  The play was a success from audience response but received little press.

Unfortunately, funded by corporate sponsorship,  the play was pulled early which meant that all that talent and love went only to 79 excellent performances. Many are disappointed to have missed it.

Director - Trevor Nunn
Designer - John Napier
Costume - Andreane Neofitou
Lighting - Neil Austin
Sound - Margaret Martin - (Score)  Paul Groothuis (designer) David White (Musical director)

• Rhett Butler - Darius Danesh • Scarlett O'Hara - Jill Paice • Ashley Wilkes - Edward Baker-Duly • Melanie Hamilton -  Madeleine Worrall • Mammy - Natasha Yvette Williams  •  Prissy - Jina Burrows • Gerald O Hara - Julian Forsyth • Ellen O'Hara - Susannah Fellows • Pork - Ray Shell • Dilcey - Jacqueline Boatswain • Uncle Peter - Leon Herbert • Mrs Merryweather - Susan Tracy • John Wilkes - Jeff Shankley • Mrs Meade - Kathryn Akin  • Aunt Pittypat - Susan Jane Tanner • Frank Kennedy - Alan Vicary •  Charles Hamilton - David Roberts  • Cade Calvert - Alan Winner  •  Stuart Tarleton - Gareth Chart  • Brent Tarleton - Tom Sellwood • Suellen O'Hara - Emily Bryant  • Careen O'Hara - Gemma Sutton • India Wilkes - Kirsty Hoiles •  Dimity Munroe - Laura Checkley • Honey - Lorraine Chappell • Catherine - Savannah Stevenson • Tony Fontaine - Derek Hagen  •  Cookie - Jenessa Qua •  Jonas Wilkerson - Tober Reilly •  Paul Wilson - Ian Conningham •  Prophet - Horace Oliver •  

SWING - Chloe-Jean Bishop, Nolan Frederick, Rosalind James, Christopher Ragland.
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