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Novello Theatre
Aldwych WC2B 4LD
Into The Hoods
Novello Theatre 3D location mapMap ©Silvermaze Ltd 2008
Novello Theatre Into The Hoods PhotoPhoto ©Tony Reading 2008
Show Details
Preview 14th Mar 08
Opens 26th Mar 08
Booking to 30th Aug 08
Show Times
Monday - Saturday 7.30 pm
Matinée Wed & Sat 3.00 pm

Local Info
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Like any budding genre Hip Hop dance has purists, who could be disapproving of this show's wide range of music and Kate Prince's style.  She has happily reverted to the origins of Hip Hop being dedicated to good times and self-expression. Phil McIntyre (We Will Rock You) also saw the potential of an expanded version given the audience who bought the tickets were from all walks of life.

The boundaries between genres within the music biz are less distinct  - and Dance is getting new genres every time I look. This show brings street dance to the West End again after being a success at the Peacock theatre for a run and being a critical and commercial hit - two years  running - at the Edinburgh Festival.

Everyone's naturally inspired by men and women moving their bodies in the air - the thrill is the same - whatever the genre.  From High ballet, like that associated with Sadler's Wells, to hip-hop, there is music and there is the expression of it by body's flow through the air.   Dancers have a special relationship with the space around them. Their individual elegance and style is a part of the flow.  The grounding gravity controls them no more. The choreography has been called 'ground breaking',  'witty',  'watertight'  and  'non stop'.

The record for the longest running West End dance show was held by Matthew Bourne’s Swa
n Lake which ran for 17 weeks.  Into The Hoods is set fair to be longer than this by the end of August

Kate Prince saw the elegance and style in the moves of the breakdancers - these urban surfers with skateboard precision and acrobatic courage use the air around them as no others.

But there are only so many incredible shapes and tight choreography and flips that you can watch while going ‘whoo-hoo!' We wanted to take those routines and weave them into a proper story.
 Kate Prince

The Story
Woven fairy tales is made into another story that goes beyond tired fairytale stereotypes. Old fairy tales, handed down to our modern day celeb culture via Disney etc have ended up as  all too familiar characters of stories so oft repeated that –  to arouse new interest – we have several at a time mixed together.

As in Hollywood and on TV a casual mix of vampires and warewolves, with hulks and supermen and knights and heros  -  Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods  mixes up four different fairytale
s into one. Into the hoods has added heavy adaptations to a modern urban setting - the woods turn into Ruff Endz estate in which the action  takes place of  - (including) Jack and the Beanstalk, Red riding hood and Cinderella. Wow. The children are two school truants who become mixed up with a gang of hoodies baddies and goodies.

The music is a collection of R & B and hip hop urban hits including Massive Attack, Gorillaz, Prince,  Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Jay-Z , James Brown, Snoop Dogg, Chaka Khan, Dr Dre, Black Eyed Peas, Bob Marley, Dizzee Rascal, The Chemical Brothers, and more.

The "urban fairytale" that Kate Prince has created with her street dance company ZooNation, presents a exuberant family show with a good feel, and with some great comic performances from a young cast - some of them children. The rapport between the dancers and the people in the audience is astounding.

Cast - (+18 dancers)
• Narrator- Josh Cohen • Lost infants - Russell Royer & Alicia Lai • Prince charming - Roger Davies • DJ Spinderella  - Teneisha Bonner • Ugly sisters -  Bradley Charles / Jeffrey Felicisimo •  Lil Red - Sacha Chang  •  the Wolf - Andry Op
oria • Jaxx  - Rowen Hawkins • Giant  - Jeffrey Felicisimo • MC Rap-on-zel  - Rhimes Lecointe • Rap-on-zel's father - Frank Wilson • Fairy Gee -  Swing - Swarf Calape

Choreography -  Kate prince • Soundtrack - Danilo “DJ” Walde • Digital / film - Felix Harrison • Musical director - Chloe Richardson -  • Designer - Chris Lowe •  Lighting - Adam Bassett

© 2008 Updated 7th July 2008