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Sanjeev Bhaskar
Palace Theatre
Shaftesbury Avenue W1V 8AY
Palace Theatre LocationMap ©Silvermaze Ltd 2008
Palace theatre SpamalotPhoto ©Tony Reading 2008
Show Details
Preview 30th Sept 06
Opens 16th Oct 06
Closes 3rd Jan 09
Show Times
Monday - Thursday 8.00 pm
Friday 5.15 & 8.30 pm
Saturday 3.00 & 8.00 pm

Local Info
Top Class restaurants nearby;

Beotys (Greek & Trad English)
79 St Martin's Lane
020 7836 8768

64 Shaftesbury Avenue
020 7437 5088
Spice of Life (Great Pub food & Live music)
Cambridge Circus
020 7437 7013
(Next door to the theatre)
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The Story
Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a film in 1975 – the story of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. This has now been made into a musical with some of the original songs from the film. Arthur is travelling around England looking for knights to join him - then he's instructed by God Hisself to find the holy grail.

It's a mixture of enough traditional Python with enough new material to make for the best entertainment for the familiar and the new-to-Python audiences. About half the songs were written for the production.

People want to know in advance - is it funny? Judging from the reviews it is.

to quote
 "The lyrics are as witty as Brooks' The Producers and still laden with classic Python tom-foolery and ridiculousness. In a cultural map based on serious and sullen operatics, it is a refreshing change to find something so completely off the wall yet delivered with as much seriousness and gusto".
Even the proper Guardian reviewer who sounded pretty jaded in his piece admitted to "laugh- out-loud-silly" and enjoyed Simon Beale's performance of King Arthur

Eric Idle and John Du Prez co-wrote the score which has been described as funny by all the ones who enjoyed themselvs - often despite cynical expectations of the actors 'impersonating the holy grail characters' in the film - now an icon. 

The scenery is great stuff - no corners cut here.

Seatwave blogs 'theatrebuff' says something very important - if you are not familiar with the original material then " are culturally deficient, and you must rectify this inadequacy immediately by renting or buying all three Monty Python films"

King Arthur - Sanjeev Bhaskar OBE • The Lady of the Lake - Nina Soderquist  • Sir Lancelot - Jake Nightingale  •  Sir Dennis Galahad - Michael Xavier  Patsy - Andrew Spillett  • Sir Robin -  Ross Dawes

Director - Mike Nichols  •  Design - Tim Hatley  •  Lighting - Hugh Vanstone •  Choreography  - Casey Nicholaw  •  Costume - Tim Hatley
© 2008 Updated 27th June 2008