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Summer Strallen
London Palladium
Argyll Street W1A 3AB
The Sound of Music
London Palladium 3D location mapMap ©Silvermaze Ltd 2008
London Palladium Sound of Music photoPhoto ©Tony Reading 2008
Show Details
Preview 3rd Nov 06
Opens 15th Nov 06
Booking to 28th Feb 09
Show Times
Mon, Weds - Sat 7.30 pm
Tuesday 7.00 pm
Matinée Weds & Sat 2.30 pm

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The World's most universally loved Rogers & Hammerstein musical is re-enacted on stage at the London Palladium. It is a resoundingly successful show that has gathered together much revered talent from the West End Theatre in  the designers (including directors in this case) cast, the dance and the sound and the beautiful lighting.  The critics all said 'what a show!" a decent quote was 'by the Daily Telegraph who wrote:

"A show that restores one's faith in human nature. I left with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. Suddenly the world seemed a brighter place"

The Story
It's a tale with a happy ending despite being fraught with difficulties from romantic attachments to running for their lives. Maria, a novice young nun is sent forth into the real world to be a governess to a military family. With no mother and a super strict and seemingly cold father, the children are turning into brats until Maria softens the scene all round. Though everybody knows the real story of the Von Trapp family by now, it is best remembered in detail at a show like this.  Even if you've seen it once, it's a great go-again party show and of course children adore it.  The great thing about the theatre is that it's different every night - has to be, it's live. Also, you are different every night you see it on.

The Cast
• The Mother Abbess   -  Margaret Preece  •  Maria Rainer  - Summer Strallen •  Maria Rainer  - Aoife Mulholland  • Sister Berthe  -  Kate Coyston  • Sister Margaretta  - Susie Fenwick  •  Sister Sophia   - Elen Môn Wayne  •  Frau Schmidt  - Nicola Sloane  • Captain Georg von Trapp  - Simon Burke  •    Franz -  John Griffiths  •  Liesl  - Amy Lennox  •  Friedrich  -  David Calvert  •  Shea Davis - Jarod Hardcastle  •  Louisa - Sarah Gabony  •  Kiera Marner - Amber Pursey  •  Kurt  - James Donaghey  •  Richard Linnell - Benjamin Sunderland  •  Brigitta  -  Cecilia Dunhill  •  Ellie Jenkins - Hannah Lowther  •  Marta  -  Lauren Downing  •  Louisa Pinkney - Abigail Sayell  •  Gretl -  Eliza Love  •  Ellisa Walker-Reid  -  Millie White  •   Rolf Gruber  -  Luke Fredericks  •  Baroness Schraeder  - Fiona Sinnott  •  Max Detweiler  -  Paul Grunert  •  Herr Zeller  -  Paul Kemble  

Lighting  Mark henderson - associate  Stuart Porter
Costume Robert Jones
Choreographer - Arlene Phillips
Sound - Mick Potter,  Musical director -  Michael Lloyd
Director - Jeremy Sams
© 2008 Updated 22nd  June 2008