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Savoy Theatre
Strand WC2R 0ET
Never Forget - Take That Musical
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Show Details
Preview 7th May 08
Opens 21st May 08
Booking to 25th OIct 08
Show Times
Monday - Thursday 7.45 pm
Friday 5.15 & 8.30pm
Saturday 3.00 & 7.45pm

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'Take That' - a Mancunian band [that means they come from Manchester]  from the 90s revived in 2007 and was called a 'pop sensation'  Following this,  the show at the Savoy is about a 'Take That' tribute band in which the characters pursue their dream of fame and riches. It has been said that Gary Barlow (of 'take that') helped with the musical before his revival.  

The show is carried by thirteen of their hits to enjoy with some brave and impressive dancing by some extremely fit people wearing very little. The choreography has been given due acclaim by critics and reviewers alike. Interestingly past teenage fans of 'Take that'  really appreciate way the songs are done.

"... they perform the songs with gleeful conviction, sometimes rather better than the original."
'Take That' fan - Esther Walker

The Story
It's happened so often with bands that the dream (which is to have a BAND) is torn apart by the record label who want the cheaper option of the 'one' lead under contract. A shame given that bands usually formed by best mates which was the case in this story. Then the rest of the band get to fall apart and .... in this case NOT hey presto. The band forgot their differences and egos just in time to win a tribute band competition with a £10.000 prize. What happens next is the rest of the story of the conflict between loyalty and love versus ambition and betrayal and discovering that being a tribute band is a pretense when it goes too far.

Oh and there are lots of laughs

The cast
•  Ash  - Dean Chisnall • Jake -  Craige Els  • Jose  -  Stephane Anelli 
Adrian -Tim Driesen • Dirty Harry.-  Eaton James • Chloe Turner - Sophia Ragavelas • Annie Borrowman - Joanne Farrell  • Ron Freeman - Teddy Kempner •  Babs - Marilyn Cutts

•  Director - Ed Curtis  •  Design - Bob Bailey  •  Lighting - James Whiteside  •  Choreography -    Karen Bruce  •  Costume - Christopher Woods •  Sound - Richard Brooker  •  Producers -Tristan Baker / Bronia Buchanan
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