Shaftesbury Theatre
210 Shaftesbury Avenue WC2H 8DP
Flashdance - The Musical
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Show Details
Preview 25th Sep 10
Opens 14th Oct 10
Booking to 26th Feb 11
Show Times
Monday - Thursday 7.30 pm
Friday 5.00 & 8.30 pm
3.00 & 7.30 pm

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A show of the Adrian Lyne film that took off to success in the 80's and has had a following of fans ever since. Dance that gives the opportunity for self expression is as powerful and popular as ever. Victoria Hamilton-Barritt as Alex manages the part of young girl with great performances of tireless energy as a "Maniac" on the floor.

The release of tension in the abandon that you get in flash mob dancing will draw everybody in, regardless of sex, age or race. As with raves, the desire to dance with other people will last all night - with the feeling behind the main hit of the show - "What a Feeling".

Inspecting the talentWith raves, the enjoyment of clockwork rinkydink needs to be helped along with drink and drugs - however when you have musicians who play their hearts out it is the performance of the music that makes people high and affects the spirit of the dancers and the audience alike..... Leaving you with that wonderful feeling. Musicians are pivotal - they should get credits too (I'll see what I can do). Where would dancers be without them?

The Story

Alex was living by herself in a disused warehouse in Pittsburg USA with her dog. She had a day job as a welder in a factory and danced in a club at night. This is the backdrop for another exposition of The American dream of succeeding where others fail, by rising from the working class to the moneyed elite by simply being good - or being discovered.

"No matter where I'm from I can still become all I've said I'll be"

The 80's film on which the show is based, was enormously successful contrary to expectations - as was the sound track - as usual measured in how much money was made from sales.

14 new songs were written especially for this show

FlashdanceThe show also is formulated to succeed because overtly sexual dancing with or without icon underwear in clubs is very popular and usually only available in sleazy joints or highly priced upper class establishments. The theatre and film are a way for the masses to get the same lift without losing personal respectability - especially the theatre. Flashdancing is a cut above the normal and predictable sexual gyrations, designed to part a guy from his wad though. It is not only sex but dance that lifts the spirit.

The real DreamThe dance adds a strange romance to the story because in clubs this unleashed energy becomes associated with prostitution and sleaze from which Alex has, of course, to be saved by Nick. Nick has some fanciful scary nightmares during his courtship to give variety to the set and costume. The variation on the much repeated theme is wondering who gets the hand of the lady.


  • Matt Willis - Nick
  • Victoria Hamilton-Barritt - Alex 
  • Sarah Ingram - Hannah
  • Charlotte Harwood  - Gloria
  • Hannah Levane - Keisha 
  • Twinnie-Lee Moore - Jazmin


• Brendan Cull • Russell Dixon • Sam Mackay • Ricky Rojas • Andrew Spillett • Robbie White • Ivan Blackstock • Tyman Boatwright • Myles Brown • Joseph Conner • Natalie Edmunds • Nicholas Gilligan • Zoe Green • James Hall • Ben Harrold • Emily Hawgood • Kirby Huges • Sia Kiwa• Lindsay Shaw • Maria Swainson •  Amy Thornton • Daniel Uppal

  • Book - Tom Hedley / Robert Cary
  • Music / Songs - Robbie Roth
  • Director - Nikolai Foster
  • Choreography - Arlene Phillips
  • Producer - Christopher Malcolm
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