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Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Catherine Street WC2B 5JF
Lord of the Rings
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Show Details
Preview 9th May 07
Opens 19th Jun 07
Closes 19th Jul 08
Show Times
Monday  7.00 pm
Tuesday - Saturday
7.30 pm
Matinée Thu & Sat 2.00 pm

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Anyone who still harps on 'film wasn't as good as the book'- ' play wasn't as good as the film' comparisons, are way distant from the enjoyment of the experience of this event.

It cost 12 million to put on stage and then the funders forgot to give it a seating in period to take up the lull after the glow of opening. Expensive productions like this and 'Gone with the Wind' get pulled before the next tide. It's something about bean counters - they punt & panic rather than invest with the wisdom to let it ride and step up the publicity, to let the actors breathe and the critics' left brain sarcasm be balanced by the simple delight of the story told again.

So though it won't see 800 performances though the actors and audience alike have delighted in the show. Let the players blend even more into the special effects and jive with them in telling the now-familiar story. This story of the gods and heros seeking the power to rule the whole world, relayed by the Greeks, warped by the Romans, and satanised by the catholics. Since when Wagner's Ring cycle was the first to unleash this symbolically told epic in opera - where the most outlandish plots are the norm. This story needs to retold many times before we can relate in our lives now to our ancient past that has been hidden from us in chaos and deceipt.

Capturing the mysteries of this epic saga in a musical adaptation on stage following the opera, the tomes and the fantastic films is surely an impressive challenge. Matthew Warchus’ ‘huge production' did a good job with a spectacle of effects and music. Pity to miss it really - it's probably booked solid to the end by now.... or maybe not.

Cast (+ 36 supporting characters and ensemble) (from
• Gandalf - Malcolm Storry • Frodo - James Loye • Gollum - Michael Therriault • Aragorn - Jérôme Pradon • Galadriel - Abbie Osmon • Sam - Peter Howe • Merry - Richard Henders • Pippin - Owen Sharpe • Legolas - Michael Rouse • Gimli - Sévan Stephan • Boromir - Steven Miller • Arwen - Rosalie Craig • Saruman - Brian Protheroe • Elrond / Ensemble - Andrew Jarvis • Bilbo / Ensemble - Terence Frisch 

Director, Books and Lyrics Matthew Warchus • - Shaun McKenna • Book and LyricsComposers A.R. Rahman - Värttinä • Composer, Orchestrator & Musical Supervisor - Christopher Nightingale • Set and Costume - Rob Howell • Choreographer - Peter Darling • Lighting - Paul Pyant • Sound - Simon Baker • Moving Image Direction - The Gray Circle • Literary Consultant - Laurie Battle • Special Effects - Gregory MeehIllusions • Magic Effects - Paul Kieve • Circus Skills - Alex Frith
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