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Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

Catherine Street WC2B 5JF

Shrek - The Musical

Theatre Royal Drury lane 3D location mapMap ©Silvermaze Ltd 2008 Theatre Royal photoPhoto ©Tony Reading 2008

Show Details

Preview 6th May 11
Opens 14th Jun 11
Closes 24th Feb 13

Show Times

Mon, Thurs - Sat 7.30 pm
Weds 7.00 pm
Matinée Thurs, Sat & Sun
3.00 pm
Length of show - 2hrs 30mins

Local Info

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The Cast

  • Nigel Lindsay -  Shrek
  • Richard Blackwood  - Donkey
  • Kimberley Walsh - Princess Fiona
  • Nigel Harman - Lord Farquaad
  • Delroy Atkinson - White Rabbit / Bishop
  • Amy Beadel - Tweedle Dum / Teenage Fiona
  • Michelle Francis - Tweedle Dee / Blind Mouse
  • Damien Poole - Mad Hatter / Dragon (puppeteer)
  • Landi Oshinowo - Humpty Dumpty / Dragon
  • Madeleine Hill - Young Fiona / Young Shrek / Dwarf
  • Samantha Allison - Young Fiona / Young Shrek / Dwarf
  • Lauren Dawes -  Young Fiona / Young Shrek / Dwarf
  • Sophie Wythe - Young Fiona / Young Shrek / Dwarf
  • Chorlene Biron-Monnier - Young Fiona / Young Shrek / Dwarf
  • Emelia Jones - Young Fiona / Young Shrek / Dwarf
  • Stephanie Bron - Snow Queen / Dance Captain
  • Ashley E Hale - Ugly Duckling / Blind Mouse
  • Ste Clough - Dragon (pupeteer) / Guard / King Harold / Wolf
  • Alice Fearn -  Gingy / Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Rosanna Hyland  - Little Red Riding Hood
  • Bradley Jaden - Papa Bear
  • Lucie Downer - Baby bear / Blind Mouse
  • Emma Lindnars - Mama Bear / Mama Ogre
  • Dean Chisnall - Papa Ogre / Little pig (bricks) Thelonius Knight
  • Aaron Lee Lambert - Little Pig (straw) / Knight
  • Stuart Mathew Price - Little Pig (sticks) / Walter / Knight
  • Johathan Stewart - Pinocchio / Dragon Puppeteer
  • Grant Murphy - Gnome / Dance Captain
  • Spencer O'Brien - Wooden Soldier
  • Ross Dawes - Guard (captain) / Pied Piper / Knight / King Harold / Wolf
  • Jaqui Sanchez - Puppet Captain / Golden Goose
  • Leigh-Anne Stone - Fairy
  • Jon Scott Clark - Peter Pan / Dragon Pupeteer
  • Lucy Tapp - Queen Lillian / Wicket Witch
  • Karli Vale - Fairy Godmother / Bluebird
  • Michael Watson - Jack (and the beanstalk)
  • Lee William Davis - Wizard

Creative Team

  • Original Book Author - William Steig
  • Book & Lyrics - David Lindsay-Abaire
  • Directors - Jason Moore / Rob Ashford
  • Music - Jeanine Tesori (Neil Diamond wrote "I'm a Believer & was a famous Monkees hit" 1966)
  • Choreography - Josh Prince
  • Costumes - Tim Hatley
  • Lighting - Hugh Vanstone
  • Producer - Dreamworks / Neal Street Productions

A classic viewing of all the Theatreland play houses by night. The authentic commentary, by Ben Shafik - a player himself - gives an authentic feel to the West End's theatres - and is backed by real music.
Next version will be more upbeat as, suggested, to celebrate Britannia's unbeatable heritage.
(Over 6000 viewings and all good reviews to date).
Let us know what you think.

A note from the author

I took these pictures to show off London theatres as they are seen -most often - by theatre goers, at night.

Thanks to Ben Shafik for his lighthearted and informative commentary and Fionn O'Lochlainn for the original music.

Watch out for the new version with current liveries and the names of the theatres as they appear.



Shrek is a mod monster.

ShrekThe name is Yiddish for terror because he is meant to be a hideous ogre. He is one of the most recent in a long line of monsters that have been a part of children's early education for centuries. The story was written and illustrated by a New Yorker and captured a special place in the hearts of parents and children alike because of modern twists in a traditional love story. Of course the original Shrek complete with a pointy head and very bad acne had to be converted for the film to an image not very far away from yer guy next door (in America that is). it worked. The film was extremely popular.

Shrek CartoonMany familiar characters were used to embellish the tale - even Alice in Wonderland characters are merged with fairy tales and nursery rhymes now.  

A prince rules a country where the every day fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters lived. We have the journey, the adventure, the rescue of a beautiful princess and of course a dragon. The story was woven around the age old tragedy of living life as a lie.

There was the eventual relief of having the restrictions of living a lie -- removed.  At last the when the truth was told true love could be fulfilled.

Shrek USAMany changes have been made when the Broadway version failed. In the first place the humour is better suited to the Brits, the music swings along and a light hearted look at an ancient (and modern) dilemma is ideally suited to the West End.

Shrek UKThe UK stage Shrek has a more human look than the USA stage version.

One of the twists is a female dragon who takes a shine to an unwilling male donkey. The unlikely outcome - notwithstanding the all too familiar uniform of a white veiled wedding - is that the princess fell in love with the ogre and found happiness by being undoubtedly hideous herself though vastly better endowed.. as it were..


The cast list shows the ingenuity of the production to convert a fantasy full of characters to the stage.  It is very well done and an added bonus to the parents who accompany the children.

The Story

A grumpy and obdurate Ogre suddenly finds his ideal habitat of a swamp is invaded by a range of pestilential characters.  Determined to find peace he goes to confront the prince, of dubious character,  who banished them to Shrek's yard in the first place.

Along the way he is challenged to rescue a princess to marry the prince and although the story can be read all over the Net it's better told by going to see the show.

The show opens on 14th June 2011- it's likely to be booked out for June / July pretty quick as it's such a high energy all rounder and great for groups / parties.

Theatre RoyalThis link takes you straight to the best seats. This theatre is large with 1200 seats - some of them are far away from the action- so getting good seats is pivotal to the enjoyment of the play.

Andrew Lloyd Webber owns this house and has tried to keep the tickets reasonable however you can see from the picture you need to be aware of where you want to be.

Advice is - best book now (it's easy - this link goes straight through with no adsy diversions)

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