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Trafalgar Studio 1
Whitehall, SW1A 2DY
Fat Pig
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Show Details
Preview 27th Sept 07
Opens 4th Oct 07
Booking to 28th Sept 08
Show Times
Mon, Thur - Sat 8.00 pm
Matinée Thur & Sat 3.00 pm
Sunday 3.00 & 6.00 pm

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The play

Trafalgar Studios - a showcase for new productions - is a theatre that habitually runs new and different plays “theatre that is uniquely fresh, stimulating and challenging”. Fat Pig - a play by Neil La Bute is a comedy worthy of this context.  Very funny and non PC.

Offices breed gossip. they are apparently a continuation of the school playground where 'different' people get picked out as objects of derision or bullying whichever way you want to put it.  It is played as American which is appropriate to the fact that to call someone fat (even without the pig) is an actionable offense. Some critics 'saw through the accent' and well done them - however the point of the play is to take a fat woman and point out that she can indeed compete with the slender. Is this to say that being gentle and having a decent attitude are as much of a turn-on as the size of one's stomach etc?

"But it would an even better play if it told us why America, founded on the notion of independence, has turned into such a tragically conformist republic."
Michael Bilington

Not only America. Conformism rages world wide as TV and celeb obsessed press force feed us from infancy with role models. I don't see much independence anywhere in the world from peer group pressure. The insults change if you are too prince, too pauper, too dark or too pale, too young, too old, too stupid or too intelligent - the underlying message is the same.  Humanity and love shines through all that conditional fog.

The Daily Telegraph, still searching for the holy grail, says  "In short the play tells us nothing we didn't know already..." But then again we know already that 'thou shalt not kill" - Moses

The Story
This play is a strictly up to the minute, social comment on the interaction between characters played by a fine cast - well known actor-comedians. They play the men and women in the story with an easy skill.  They are real people - live, portraying something everyone should look at which is how kindly we could be to each other.  The story is about love at work. The office setting brings it well within reach to lightly look and laugh at some of the the restrictions we place on ourselves.

The sort of play you could enjoy twice. go once with a woman and another time take a man.

• Jeannie - Joanna Page • Tom - Robert Webb •  Carter - Kris Marshall • Helen - Ella Smith

Director / Author -  Neil La Bute •  Producers - Barry Weissler /  Howard Panter

© 2008 Updated 26th July 2008