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Vaudeville Theatre
404 Strand WC2R 0HN
Female of the Species
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Show Details
Preview 10th July 08
Opens 16th July 08
Booking to 4th Oct 08
Show Times
Tuesday - Saturday 7.30 pm
Matinée Weds & Sat 2.30 pm

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A new comedy about an age old topic - women and power - now known as 'feminism'.  As each generation has it's views, overall the power of women has been known for millennia to be simply different from men. Kipling said "deadlier" in his intellectual doggerel called "female of the Species" which was an apology in its way for the repression and cruelty towards women that has been virtually unabated by most races (not quite all)  for as long as we can remember.

That being said we women are now given the opportunity to buy into repression or to get the balance right.  We can carry on playing on slave prototypes (whether a well groomed newscaster,  or biz ms in manish suit + briefcase, or simply a berka) as opposed to out and out protest as a feminist book writer.

Women are very good playwrights and it is important to examine this topic with the wit and humour that Joanna Murray Smith has lavished on the players of her story.  See this play - it's a lot of fun and has a message about motherhood to boot.

The Story
The play is set in the country home of Margot Mason, a feminist author, (maybe inspired by Greer).  She is in the process of finishing h
er latest book and suffering writer's block complete with missed deadlines. A young woman Molly arrives unexpectedly and appears to be a fan. Then the story unfolds as she threatens to kill Margot because her mother had become warped by her books and so depressed she killed herself - and Molly blames Margot for influencing her to do it. The two of them are joined by a husband, a publisher and a daughter who all join the very funny almost farcical debate about the situation and women / men in general.

If you like plays and want to laugh then book now -  fresh new comedies are becoming a rarity in the West end and this is worth going to.

 • Margot Mason - Eileen Atkins • Molly Rivers - Anna Maxwell Martin  •  Bryan Thornton - Paul Chahidi  • Tess thornton - Sophie Thompson • Theo Reynolds - Sam Kelly •  Frank - Con O'Neill

 • Director - Roger Michell • Design - Mark Thompson  • Lighting - James Whiteside • Sound - Matt McKenzie • Producers -  David Richenthal / Mary Beth O'Connor / Nica Burns / Max Weitzenhoffer (for Nimax Theatres)

© 2008 Updated 26th June 2008