Vaudeville Theatre
404 Strand WC2R 0HN
Duet For One
Vaudeville Theatre London3D location mapMap ©Silvermaze Ltd 2008
Vaudeville Theatre London night time photoPhoto ©Tony Reading 2008
Show Details
Preview 7th May 09
Opens 12th May 09
Booking to 1st Aug 09
Show Times
Monday - Saturday 7.30 pm
Matinée Weds & Sat 3.00 pm

Local Info
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Thai Pin (Thai)
7 Maiden Lane
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Stranded in London (Italian)
417 Strand
020 7836 0654
Simpson's-in-the-Strand (British)
100 Strand
020 7836 9112

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A note from the author

We put this AVMovie together (a compilation of still photos and video clips) to show off London theatres as they are seen most often by theatre goers – by night.

Thanks to Ben Shafik for his lighthearted and  informative commentary and Fionn O'Lochlainn for the original music.

Watch out for the new version with current liveries and the names of the theatres as they appear.

The play is a brilliant dialogue between two characters at the edge of emotional discovery in engaging performances, drama and subtle response.

The revival of Tom Tom Kempinski's play Duet for One is a great production with impeccable teamwork between stars Juliet Stevenson, Henry Goodman and producer Matthew Lloyd. The performance has been given great reviews and recommendations to see some the best acting around.

"Punctuated by the exquisite sounds of a Bach partita, this is a riveting evening".
Kevin Billington - the Guardian

The Story
Stephanie Abrahams  is a brilliant and acclaimed concert violinist who is coming to terms with her terminal illness which has her confined to a wheelchair. She seeks the help of a psychiatrist Dr Feldman.  As they explore her unwillingness to accept her deteriorating life they explore many deep issues of "inner work".

•  Juliet Stevenson - Stephanie Abrahams
•  Henry Goodman
- Dr Feldman

•  Author - Tom Kempinski
•  Producer- Matthew Lloyd 
© 2009 Updated 1st May 2009