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Wyndham's Theatre
Charing Cross Road WC2H 0DA
Jackie Mason - Fearless
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Show Details
Preview 13th Feb 12
Opens 13th Feb 12
Closes 17th Mar 12
Show Times
Mon - Sat 8.00 pm
Matinée - Wed 3.00 pm

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A classic viewing of all the Theatreland play houses by night. The authentic commentary, by Ben Shafik - a player himself - gives an authentic feel to the West End's theatres - and is backed by real music.
Next version will be more upbeat as, suggested, to celebrate Britannia's unbeatable heritage.
(Over 6000 viewings and all good reviews to date).
Let us know what you think.

A note from the author

I took these pictures to show off London theatres as they are seen -most often - by theatre goers, at night.

Thanks to Ben Shafik for his lighthearted and informative commentary and Fionn O'Lochlainn for the original music.

Watch out for the new version with current liveries and the names of the theatres as they appear.


Jackie Mason    Jackie Mason

Jackie Mason

Jackie MasonJackie Mason has done more stand-ups than any other comedian in the US by some accounts. He's certainly been doing it for some time and now he is retiring - or as one reviewer mentioned - getting out while the going is still good.

It is hard enough to explain a joke but to explain why someone is funny (or not) is even more impossible. It brings to mind my favourite English joke on humour which goes as follows:

A new inmate in a prison - Jim - was lying awake on his second night wishing he was in his own bed when a voice boomed in the hall outside.
"Fifty seven!" said the voice. There was much laughter followed by another inmate saying in a deadpan tone.
"Thirty two". This received less laughter but his cell mate John laughed out loud.
The next morning over breakfast Jim asked John, "You know the numbers last night... what was that all about?"
John explained " Well mate after a while we all knows the jokes so we give 'em numbers see." Jim said nothing but gradually he started to learn the numbers of some jokes.

A few months later he decided to have a go himself and blurted out "Thirty Three." There was complete silence and no jokes followed. Just as he was falling asleep someone said quite softly
"Three." to which there were many uproarious guffaws.

At breakfast the next day he asked John "So why didn't they laugh at my joke? - it's a good joke - init?"
John looked pityingly at Jim and said "It's not the joke mate it's the way you tell em."

Jackie MasonI have to applaud Jackie for bringing his repertoire of Jew jokes to London's West End where humour is considered very much 'IS' or 'AIN'T'. The majority of his gags are well known enough to be given numbers so the familiarity may have been a crowd pleaser as it so often is with musicals, however my view is that it is a relief to hear Jew jokes in an increasingly PC country and as everyone knows only Jews are allowed to say 'that sort of thing'.

I do so agree with Jackie - freedom of speech is being seriously impaired by the miasma of PC and combined with lawyers - enough to keep anybody shtum. He has been criticised for having called Obama 'Schwartz' which as everybody knows from the well known hair cosmetic Schwarzkopf (meaning blackhead) means black. I suppose they all got so upset because Obama is actually a very attractive shade of brown. He sure is better looking than our old Jackie but being a comedian is not a well known source of true happiness. Some of them get very depressed.

Jackie MasonJAckie MasonJackie Mason

Another great thing about Jackie's show is his hilarious accent which never fails to raise a smile and made the Sopranos so popular. In England a strong Yorkshire accent has the same effect. You only have to say something in Yorkshire (especially if you are practiced in that manner of speech) and you will raise a smile and mostly get bought a pint....won't you Tony? Of all the accents, hired in call centres, Scots is the highest on the list for eliciting trust and Yorkshire comes second. Mind you we are talking about the famous integrity of Scots and Yorkshiremen here and Soprano lingo does not quite fit into that category where call centre HR depts. (human resources) are concerned.

No that's not a joke and maybe bordering on dodgy PC - sorry ;-)

Jackie MasonStory Telling

Jackie Mason is undoubtedly a master storyteller. Although he talks of retiring from the stage and live performances - I can see the continuation of his career as using his voice and love of telling a good story, extended to the audiovisual and audio book media where he can enrich some good stories and enhance the experience of adults and children alike.

Wishing him well.

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