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Charles Fox
020 7257 6159
22 Tavistock Street
Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7PY
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Charles Fox Interior

Charles Fox
Make up for theatre, film & television

Mr. Charles H. Fox was a very well known character in the middle of Victoria’s reign in the ever popular theatre of the day.  He supplied all manner of things to the actors and actresses for their performances. He was a general broker for wigs, costume  accessories haberdashery and make-up.

In 1878  he opened shop and named the shop and business after himself – hence the word eponymous. Among his most famous wigs were those he made for Sir Henry Irving and Ellen Terry who was resident at the Lyceum Theatre. Fox’s designs for their wigs still exist to this day.

The Ethos
Charles Fox himself was reputed to be a flamboyant character and much of his character also exists in the shop to these times. The tradition of keeping up with superior technology in lighting and cinematography has also been carried on.

Changing Trends and Times
During his lifetime the technology rapidly improved, which has shaped the entertainment industry over the last 125 years.  The advent of electric lighting, motion pictures and colour television have all placed more need for makeup that would withstand the brighter lights and the scrutiny of close camera lenses.

The top make-up designers in turn were used by Fox, who are proud to have been able to supply the modern theatre with the best products for the job. 

A recent example is Kryolan’s ‘High Definition’ range, which has been designed especially for high definition film, creating brilliant visual sharpness, satisfying even the most demanding needs for micro-fineness, and unrestricted application and covering characteristics. Charles Fox has launched Kryolan who are the only brand who currently produce the ‘make-up of the future’.

Today Fox specialise solely in make-up and are still supplying to the Lyceum Theatre, though it has changed a good deal since the great Irving’s day, (at present it is home to Disney’s worldwide success, The Lion King).  However their aims are as valid today as they were then – to supply the artists with the best products at competitive prices.

More recently Fox has played host to a large number of fashion make-up artists who recognise their ability to produce and adapt to the ever changing demands of the fashion-shoot or catwalk. Their ranges of make-up and spectrum of colours have increased enormously to accommodate a spiraling demand. These people have recognised the excellence and durability of Fox’s products and in response they have fashioned their beauty range aimed specifically to the demands of the market.

Education in the Shop
In the  Covent Garden shop, not only can you purchase every single make-up product needed for all kinds of professional make-up project, you can also attend workshops in airbrushing, face painting, transgender and drag, bridal and beauty, special effects, character and fashion photography. 

For those about to embark on a Covent Garden Long Weekend

Their service also Includes 1-2-1 make-over sessions.

The makeover where you actually feel different as well as look it.

Taking their art from a long standing reputation in the theatre they are widening their scope by offering the general public beauty salons and a wide beauty range suitable for regular wear and yet still conforming to their professional quality and value.

They stock:

Ben Nye
Nick Dudman
Funky Foxes
Cinema Secrets

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