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Lucky House - Mini Market
020 7439 1739
80 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, W1D 6NF
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     From Patsy

This little shop is a marvelous place to go into - as you are browsing you can be overwhelmed by the sheer choice of things there - The pictures are only a glimpse of the surprising mixture of toys, children's wear, sculptors and trinkets, vessels and motifs and an amazing selection of tigers - after all it is the year of the Tiger.

Lucky House

Take it easy and it's best not to be in a hurry. There's just so much to take in. I may be imagining it - but it seems to me the price comes down a bit if you really like what you are buying and are strictly polite in enquiring how much it is.

At the back of the shop (also accessible from the alley at the back) is a shop where Mrs Mau sells her ultra fresh vegatables which she grows in Kent on her own farm - that is the ones that grow here - and they do well in England when tenderly cultivated. If you want the best selection you'd be advised to shop in the morning because they all go quickly. She supplies quite a few of the veg shops in Chinatown.

There are still more gifts on shelves in the vegetable shop as well - sometimes there's just no more room as new things arrive all the time.

Lucky House

It is a pleasure to visit and pick up something special - because the likelihood is that you will find just what you were looking for - even if you didn't know it when you first came in.

Lucky House

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