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Twenga Umbrella
Twenga Umbrella

I have been exploring the Twenga site and they have a different approach from most sites that do comparisions.

They actually have great collections.
In Search of an Umbrella
Twenga Pink UmbrellaI have always loved umbrellas.  So I went to the Twenga site and searched the word umbrella. I was amazed by the collection and really like the site.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of looking through the vast choice..

Forget the approach which is to compare through grids and tables Twenga make their site appealing to be on. It's easy to thoroughly explore a huge collection.  It's almost a learning experience, I had no idea that such gorgeous umbrellas existed. Now I do And it was easy too.

Twenga Chantal Pom Pom UmbrellaI fell in love with the Chantal Pom Pom because it's so incredibly smart with stripes and ruffly lace reminiscent of a parasol. But then again a pagoda umbrella in red was something I'd be pleased to sport as well.


Twenga Frank Usher UmbrellaAs for the pink Frank Usher Rete - <gasp> is all I can say. My pink suede Timberland boots are going to have to take a splashing one of these days because when I have one of these delectable items I shall feel even better than I do now - just thinking about it.

I searched for brolly as well and was surprised to find a whole lot more there - including the kind a fisherman or birdwatcher sits inside - I didn't know that was called a brolly - one even had storm poles.
So many people use advertising umbrellas - Barclays Bank did a great giveaway and at one time they were everywhere n London. Trés uniform. About as standard as the common little black bundle people carry in bags.
Twenga Frilly UmbrellaAnd lo! I found a cream frilly handbag umbrella - To quote the vendor 'this is as pretty as it is practical'.
I was refreshed. A browse on Twenga is fun and fast and is very picture rich - which suits me. Once you realise just how much choice there is it's easy to get overwhelmed and turn off. This site is different though. It is inspiring and when I had picked my umbrellas I felt pleased. (So often I can feel guilty spending too much time pursuing a hunt for something -  navigating through dry facts and figures).
In the first place Twenga have a massively generous approach - the site was designed by someone who likes things - including of course - umbrellas
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