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A Skelding Summary

To most observers footwear may at first glance appear somewhat boring. Indeed in the recent past David Mellor found Antonia de Sancha alluring because during an intimate moment she chose not to wear Dr Marten's Boots. Similarly when Sarah Ferguson was discussing her financial position with John Bryan she most certainly wasn't wearing winkle pickers either.

Yet, on the other ...er... hand , footwear has inspired Elvis Presley, Honor Blackman and Nancy Sinatra to contribute to the wonderful world of popular music. Where would we be without "blue suede shoes" and "Kinky Boots" ? Indeed as Ms Sinatra reminded us ... "these boots were made for walking". Lest any of us forget.

In covent garden people are always wearing out shoe leather getting lost and it has been said that the most popular thing they want to buy is shoes - not just any old shoes (for those you battle along Oxford Street) but special shoes as in the Natural Shoes Shop in Neal Street.

The number of shoe shops in Covent Garden indicate the popularity of footwear. Indeed it is not unheard of to encounter women and men with so many pairs that storage becomes a problem. It is said, in sales training that the size of a person's wallet can be assessed by the quality and condition of the shoes & watch.  The price of a good pair, from classical to fashionable, including 'high heeled sneakers' confirms this.

Good footwear has long been said to contribute to the success or armies, especially the ones that conquered by trudging for thousands of miles over mountains, like the Romans. Their empire, short of funds, fell to Atila's army who rode horses.

Even now this is reflected in the fashion that pretends combat. Delicate ladies in tough looking boots certainly have an air about them.  And of course the sporty look can go anywhere. You can see more people going to work in trainers & suits with the smart pair for the office in their bag.

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