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Scape Maps

'Scapes' are drawn from arial photos. 3D detail of the buildings in the area. Other cities like Dublin and Cambridge, also LONDON and the West End. (More UK towns on next page).

Print Out a Map

Competition - Email us with a list of the seven dials streets & Visit the clubs pages (type into the search engine to get there)
to guess who changed their name from 'Dirty Dicks' to a popular modern club. We will enter you in a draw for a free T-shirt
& 7th edition Covent Garden scape map.

Now you've 'been there & done that' (what?) buy the hand screened quality edition Tshirt.

Take a walk around a streaming tiled map (Dublin). With this one you can click on any part, zoom in and wander around.

Some traders & services we list, have links to closeups of their building Click on the taxi (like this one) next to their name.

The clubs and pubs listings on this site and the www.coventgardenlife.com will give you information for your best nights out. Pub and club reviews are invited by email to reviews@scape.co.uk.

Find the missing street names
for the competition

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