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Announcing a new map of Soho & Covent Garden in amazing detail


Many years ago covent-garden.co.uk started with a 3D map of the Soho & Covent Garden in the scape style which had its own online interactive Web map to roam around with the mouse and 'visit' places of interest, shops, nightclubs and many more.

In those days it was a slow process and only the truly fascinated had the patience on the web - people were on really slow bandwidth and the PC's were clunkier than they are now.. So we sold some Wider London printed 3D maps.

The printed map of wider London was a great map for a wall display and now there are only a small number left. When the number hits 30 that is in the collectors bracket and we shall be raising the price from the current price of just £15.00 +P&P.

We have been passed a stock of the 7th edition of the Covent Garden map which do make good posters framed.  They are what Silvermaze calls their classic style and they are very pretty

Up to 60 towns and cities were drawn & published in the old style. Some are still for sale, and others (where only one is left) are rated as 'ultra-rare'. Others are 'rare' (only a few left.). We were too busy occupied with the modern main map to complete the Inventory (coming soon). We will introduce them online in a 'collectors corner'.

Here is a list of some that were found in a garage we are going to sell at cost (given the man who's garage it is now wants to buy a bigger car).


Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bradford, Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cheltenham, Chester, Eastbourne, Kingston, Liverpool, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Plymouth, Richmond, Southampton, Winchester & Salisbury, Windsor & Eton and York,


The City, Covent Garden, Kensington High Street & Notting Hill & Bayswater, Oxford Street, Piccadilly & Mayfair, Soho, West End, Westminster and Victoria.


Aberdeen, Dumfries, Dundee, Edinburgh, Stirling, and Inverness.


Brussels, Corfu, 5 Brazillian cities (T/F) and Dublin.


Collect Previous Editions

£5.50 + P&P.
While stocks last.

GET THE POSTER of the Big London map here

Meantime, please email us with enquiries or if you have already found/obtained some of these maps.

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