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Maps you can print out

The PDF file is a version of the map that you can see below.It is adapted from the 'scape' map of London, which you can order you can order online. It spans a LOT of London in extraordinary detail - though not quite as detailed as the individual area maps. So we will also send you a free 7th edition of Covent Garden while they still last. An 8th edition is available in Marks & Spencer on Long Acre. If you can't find one contact us and we will try to help individual area maps.

This map is the first in the series and more will be added as the weeks tick by. A zoom-in like the Dublin map is the next on the menu. With this map you can click on any part of the map and it will zoom in to 2 levels. If you click on one side, you can effectively 'walk around the town'.

A large black and white map of Covent Garden, in fine detail, is being tiled for streaming and printing also.
So, as always, it's WIP!
(That's the true Brit expression meaning 'Work in Progress';-)

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