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- Now the New Apple Store

Rock Garden 1I used to go to the Rock Garden to hear bands. It has history. In the '70s bands played there who are now famous (too many names to mention).

It was good to eat -  literally on the Piazza - listening to the ambient music.  For old times sake here are a few pictures.

Now it's the Apple Store - probably the best in any city and that's my personal bias because I prefer it to Regent Street. Apple have picked up some of the great vibe of the Piazza - the store has am ambience all its own.  This passes to the Apple guys in there who are all a pleasure to deal with... not that I decry the others please. The Applecare team are amazing on the phone - no really they share the top telephone support team with the Bank of Scotland / Halifax.  In both cases it's like having your own PA or tech support at the end of the phone

Rock Garden 2All people who work for Steve Jobs are well enough aware of his impeccable standards and ethos of creativity and service to the owners of his machines and software.

He is, after all, the only computer OEM or software provider that has the users' interests at heart from day one.  He is the only one who is truly creative, out of the box in every sense of the phrase - including how the machines just work.

One last little reference to those who are not reading this from an Apple... all I can say is well done you to stick it out.  You have a treat in store.
As for the iPhone - Oh Man!

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Rock Garden 3

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