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Is generosity, "spirit of giving", only concerned with religious or politically designated times of the year? Easter is gaining speed with enormous chocolate advertising budgets. Along with halloween, coming up fast on the inside, other commercial moguls have implanted ''fathers' and 'mothers' days already not to mention birthdays all year round. There's Chinese New year, Ramadan, Midsummers day, Thanksgiving, jewish holidays and others are all well supported opportunities to give in London - a super cosmopolitan city.

So what IS it about giving Christmas presents? What's the spirit of it - the thing that makes everyone feel good natured instead of stressed before the event, uncomfortable during and broke after? What's this whirl all about - Christ was born? Of course not. That you capture in moments during a midnight mass by candlelight with beautiful voices singing. Being open hearted is the essence we seek. That's giving away what you love yourself. Anyone can ride this wave at Christmas time despite the media and incessant advertising.

Thinking of someone else, being happy, love that's what's in the air. What if we all stopped watching the TV and buying newspapers. What if the public said no to giving the terrorists, rapists, thieves torturers and murderers so VERY much attention? And start listening to them again when they stop their relentless spam of terror, horror & degradation. We could hear again the song in our hearts and let our bones be warmed again with love.

Then we would be better placed to talk about peace. by having some in our ownlives.

Next Covent Garden beggars... 'homeless'.



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