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Two Stalls Reviewed - Bathrobes & Butterflies

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Robert Lloyd conceived these magnificent robes and has been selling them for many years - often to repeat customers. These robes engender a loyal feeling because they are so individual and so good. He started to get people asking for deliveries to their hotel so he popped them along himself and made some friends along the way.

The bathrobes and towels seem only too luxurious for the pool or the gym. Some wear them as velvety winter coats. The most perfect place to wear them is in the hotel room - the perfect transition from business suits or fancy wear to the silk pyjamas. What else is there to wear lounging around before bed.....

These robes wear extremely well and most importantly they are absorbent as well as velvety and wash for years without fading.

Robert now has a big stall and keeps busy with bespoke orders and it's been there a long time. They have a huge range of designs so he spends a long time with everyone becoming used to the overwhem of great choices the customers feel. He's very patient.

The designs are subtle to outrageous powdery cuddly blue dames gown to art on a Manhattan theme featured on the front page link.

Being in a shopping mood in Covent Garden is a tangible buzz. It's common knowledge that there is a vibrance in the air.

Robert Does mail order too.

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Two classic bathrobes

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