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Monday is old stuff memorabilia & antiques

Memories every Monday

Monday MemoriesIf you have reached this page from the arts button - we are getting an comprehensive arts page together - This is the nearest to street art we can offer while Works in Progress.please see the FAQ for information about stalls.

I came looking for old postcards and maps. They are getting quite expensive in shops down Cecil Court. I was bargain hunting. At the back of the hall - near the big leather stall is a little stall with all sorts of odd looking old paperwork neatly stacked and easy to go through.

Early PhotoboothI picked up several postcards my favorite is a great example of an early version of a photo booth.
The lads are having a day out. The ones in the sidecar wanted to be riding the bike.....

The old ration books, (pictured opposite) are interesting because they hold a whole lot of memories you can almost feel as you hold that german identity book of someone we were thinging as an enemy at the time.

At the time these once precious items were relevant they held an importance which still lingers around the pages. Letters from Victorian ladies in a neat hand - a glimpse of the past. Things changed though. There's another warrish feel about in the air again. We have it everywhere - on the air in the wind. Looking through the paperwork paraphernalia of war time it's hard to believe we can bear to through it all again.

However there is a great demand for pictures of Hitler and Stalin and the heavy dudes that supported them to kill people. Postcards and photos of scenes and people are less sensational but will most likely endure for longer. Old football fan magazines show a kind of Boys Own innocence and it's revealing to see what was more fascinating then than now.

Memorabilia is excellent value these days since famous people command more. These unassuming pictures and writings will stay with us as pieces of history from the street.

Old things that have lasted well to this point are worth considering. We may be approaching an era of more troubled times. The only things to surround yourself with is either useful or beautiful. - or both if you are lucky. Quality is so comforting. The least we can do for our children is to preserve some quality things as well as experiences in our life for them.

This FAQ (frequently asked questions) is also a running Q&A (questions & Answers) so you can ask and we will answer or find out for you.

Football Memoribilia makes a great present-
and if you frame them it's even better. The
frame will probably cost more than the picture.

The last World War is a long time ago.
These memories may, just may be more
poignant than we think.

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