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Three Stalls Reviewed -
Memorabilia, Bathrobes and Butterflies


ButterflyIt's the stall directly opposite the piazza and really stands out. You can wander in and around the bathrobes & towels - but be warned - you may wish you had more money. There's a present for everybody but most of all yourself. Splendour & Pomp & modern designs make me 'want one'.

This stall puts me in a flash mood and the next one to visit, in this mood, is where they sell single butterflies in good frames. It is there on Saturdays and Sundays. They take their specimens come from farms so they don't steal from the wilderness. There are also some pretty horrific looking scorpians spiders and beetles (pictures coming soon). Children see a beauty in bugs and their excitement is a pleasure to watch. I've seen more pressure exerted on the grown-ups on this stall than any other. Some of the beetles are stunning with shining colours - even so I love butterflies and I get lost in imagination looking at them. What in heaven made them decide how to put their colours on?

This stall is inside the hall. They people gaze & linger almost longer than it's polite not to buy one. The prices are more than fair for a unique creature beautifully prepared and framed for the wall. Somehow lots of 'specimens' in one case is too 'museum' for me. As single creatures they look more like treasures than mere objects of curiosity. Even the scorpions.....

One more word about the bathrobes. They wash wonderfully. My son has had one for years which he wears far too often for a working mother's taste :-). It has all the richness and softness still...... well not quite as good as new. Even so it's a good bit of cloth - looks good after years of wear. The bathrobes & butterflies are legacy stuff.

Rio Butterflies Phone +44(0)1708 745 975


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