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StrollOn Audio Guides

StrollOn MP3 Audio guides are the new way to explore further than the main streets.

Forget the guide books which distract you from your surroundings you may bump into a lampost while you try to find the relevant pages.

StrollOn's new approach takes the audio guide out of the museum and art gallery onto the streets of selected districts of interest to visitors and tourists.

Each guide includes comprehensive and clear directions - and when you download your walk from the StrollOn website it also includes a section of the 3D map to help you to locate yourself in your surroundings first and foremost.  Once you start you have already a feeling of familiarity with the area.

As you walk you will be finding yourself wanting to look around you and up to the architecture. which you would otherwise miss with your nose buried in a book. The stories that you hear on the phone, iPod or any MP3 player, take you back in time and fill in many of the bits the history books left out. In fact it is more of a conversation than the usual educational nuances of a lecture.

The voices you hear along the way are well known professionals - actors who engage you in their talk as if they are with you as friends on the walk.  What's more it is clear that they too are enjoying themselves.

Visit the StrollOn Website and there you can listen on instantplay buttons, to samples of the walks. It's very easy on the ears.  Then you can download the actual walks from the entire range.  IpodThey also make great presents for people you know who are traveling and would otherwise stroll tothe nearest cafe or bar. Sometimes that's the end of that.

Interestingly, even the natives of the areas you walk around, comment that the talks are full of things they didn't know before. `they make great school projects. Each student will interpret the walk from their own perspective.  That's one of the strong points about  the way these walks are put together - you can do one several times and see different things each time.  They are not rigid by any means. For more information on strolling around the Covent Garden area visit another of our reviews on Strolling Around Covent Garden

Here is a sample from the Covent Garden audio guide and we do recommend you try it  even if you don't usually walk.  Hey have a good virtual walk ...   


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